Today I would write about a very good book that I have recently read: iPad Enterprise Application Development BluePrints written by Steven F. Daniel and published by PACKT.
The book is a collection of mini tutorials about a few topics of enterprise programming with iPad.
Every chapter is completely independent from the others and can be considered a little reference guide about one topic.
This aspect can be considered the strong point of the book but it is a weakness at the same time.
On the one hand every chapter can be read without reading the previous ones, on the other hand it would have been better providing the reader a more organic and homogeneous learning opportunity.
I appreciated the book’s pragmatic and no-frills approach, it goes straight into the argument without dwelling on the theory too much (Core Data, data interchange with bluetooth, using social network APIs as Facebook, etc.).
All chapters share the same schema: they start setting up the project with Xcode and finish building a complete app, step by step.
I found very interesting the chapters about Storyboard and Core Data, moreover I found very useful the chapters about the GameKit, AirPlay and iCloud APIs to remotely manage documents.
Is is a book recommended for both the experts who want a reference guide about topics often overlooked in other books and the beginners who will find a very useful and invaluable guide to start programming with Storyboard, Core Data and the MapKit.
The book is not up to date with the latest release of XCode and the new Objective-C features like auto synthesized properties, literals and object subscripting. But in the end is quite unimportant.
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